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Rusk County News


In a story from WQOW – Eight months after Rusk County Deputy Dan Glaze was shot and killed while on duty, a trial date is now set for Doug Nitek, the man accused of pulling the trigger. During Monday’s trial, Judge Eugene Harrington ruled there’s enough probable cause that Nitek committed a felony. A two week trial is scheduled to start on December 11.

Nitek faces 31 criminal charges for the October 29th murder of Deputy Glaze. During Monday’s court appearance, an Eau Claire County detective, who investigated the murder, took the stand, laying out evidence linking Nitek to the homicide. He detailed how Nitek’s DNA was found on the rifle recovered from the scene, and bullet casings found inside the vehicle is believed to match that rifle. The detective also stated a blood test, that was done on Nitek, tested positive for methamphetamine.

Nitek’s lawyer has filed a motion to have the trial moved or to have the jury come from outside of Rusk County. According to the court documents, he believes an impartial trail cannot be conducted in Rusk County. His lawyer cited pretrial publicity, and the number of benefits and vigils held in honor of Deputy Glaze as reasons why. A hearing on that motion is scheduled for August.

Early Monday afternoon, the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office received a theft complaint. According to the report, a caller advised that she gave her tenants a camper to get fixed. The tenants took the camper to a subject and that subject will not return their phone calls and they don’t know where the camper is. A Rusk County deputy spoke with the complainant who advised that her camper went missing at her tenants shop. The camper was stored at a subjects residence on County Highway B and has been removed from that residence without the complainants permission. The case is under investigation.

St. Croix County (WQOW) – According to a press release, the St. Croix County and Washington County Minnesota water patrols searched the St. Croix River for a boat on Sunday, shortly before 5:30 p.m. Authorities said they received a report indicating the occupants of the boat were going to camp at a beach on Saturday, June 24, but no one had been able to reach them.

Officials located the boat at the “Highline Beach”, located in St. Joseph Township across the river from the Xcel Power Plant in Bayport, Minn on the Wisconsin side of the St. Croix River. Officials said the beach is only accessible by boat or a private road. Police said there were three people in the boat at the time, including 25-year-old Justin M. Roskos, from Hastings, Minn., 27-year-old Hayden L. Johnson, from River Falls and 24-year-old Ashley G. Speer, from Glenwood City. Authorities said Speer was dead at the scene. Roskos and Hayden were taken to an area hospital for apparent carbon monoxide poisoning. The incident remains under investigation.

(WQOW) – Fireworks are being sold across the area ahead of Independence Day, but officials are urging you to light up the sky with caution.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) said on average each year across the U.S., fireworks start 18,500 fires, including 1,300 structure fires, 300 vehicle fires and 16,900 outside and other fires. The NFPA said in addition, fireworks cause three deaths and injure 40 people per year.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s 2015 Fireworks annual report, about 11,900 people were treated for fireworks-related injuries across the U.S, with 65 percent of them being burns. The CPSC’s report said children under 15 years old accounted for 26 percent of the estimated injuries.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, in 2015, 11 Wisconsin residents were hospitalized and 108 visited emergency departments due to fireworks-related injuries.

The NFPA said sparklers are the leading cause of fireworks injuries; they can burn at temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) wants everyone to think safety first before lighting a firework.

“Children love to watch fireworks displays, but they should always observe from a safe distance,” said Frank Frassetto, Division Administrator for Wisconsin’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “Only adults should handle fireworks.”

DATCP said Wisconsin law regulates the use of fireworks. Fireworks such as roman candles, firecrackers, bottle rockets, mortars – anything that explodes or leaves the ground – can only be purchased and used with a permit issued by your local government.

If you’re looking to entertain your children over the holiday, there are safe alternatives to lighting up the night sky. You can stock up on flashing LED lights or glow sticks, bracelets or necklaces.

(Washington, DC)  —  U-S Senator Ron Johnson says the new Congressional Budget Office report will help him decide how he’ll vote on his party’s replacement to Obamacare. The C-B-O says that if the Senate health bill becomes law, an additional 15 million Americans would be uninsured next year, and 22 million more by 2026 — mainly because people would no longer be required to have coverage. Johnson says the report begins the process of “fully understanding” the bill and how it affects insurance markets. Senate G-O-P supporters point to the C-B-O’s finding that the bill would reduce spending by 321-million dollars in nine years — mainly due to federal funding limits for Medicaid, and the end of expanded Medicaid from Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Senate Democrat Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin says the C-B-O report confirms that the G-O-P plan makes families pay more for less — and House Democrat Ron Kind of La Crosse says it’s “just as bad for Wisconsinites” as the House package.

(Madison, WI)  —  A soggy June continues to do a number on Wisconsin crops. The state Ag Statistics Service says two-percent of the corn is still not out of the ground, despite the old saying that the corn should be “knee high by the Fourth of July” which is next Tuesday. Sixty-nine percent of the crop is rated good to excellent, two-percent lower than last week. All but six-percent of the Wisconsin soybeans have emerged, and 74-percent is good to excellent — four points below last week. Officials say cooler temperatures slowed the crop growth last week, and frequent heavy rains have drowned out some fields while making the corn more yellow than normal in lower areas — and the U-S-D-A says things should get better once it gets warmer and drier.


Rusk County News


(Washington, DC)  —  U-S Senator Ron Johnson says there’s no way his colleagues should vote this week on the G-O-P’s version of the Obamacare replacement package. On N-B-C’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, the Wisconsin Republican says some parts of the package would improve the nation’s health care system — but it won’t accomplish his party’s promise to lower health costs. Also, Johnson agreed with some Republicans who say people with preexisting health conditions should pay more for their insurance — and he compared those people to cars that have been in traffic accidents. Assuming all Democrats vote no, Republicans can only have two defectors and still pass the G-O-P package — and the party already has at least four no voters on record.


In Rusk County news this past weekend, early Saturday morning at about 2:30, a Rusk County deputy made a traffic stop on Ranch Road, Holcombe. According to the report, the driver performed a field sobriety. The subject was taken into custody for OWI and transported to RCMH for a blood draw. The subject was then taken to the Rusk County jail.

Sunday morning at about 12:45 AM, a Rusk County deputy made a traffic stop on Sunnyside Point Road. According to the report, the driver performed a field sobriety. After an investigation, the driver was taken into custody for OWI and transported to RCMH for a blood draw. The subject was then transported to the Rusk County jail.

Rusk County dispatch received a 911 call at about 9:35 AM Sunday, reporting a 1 vehicle rollover on Highway 27, Ladysmith. Rusk County deputies, Sheldon Ambulance, Wisconsin State Patrol and the Ladysmith Fire Department were called to the scene. According to the report, a Rusk County deputy advised that the lone occupant was out walking around the vehicle and on his cell phone. No injuries were reported and no other information was available.

Ladysmith Police and Rusk County deputies at 5:15 PM Sunday, responded to a residence on East 2nd Street South for a reported fight. According to the Police log, the City Officer issued citations to Shawn M. Der, 31, and Matthew Christopher Busko, 29, for Disorderly Conduct. The Officer also issued a citation and referred charges for Busko for Bail Jumping and Operating without a license.

At 12:38 AM this (Monday) morning, Troopers from the Wisconsin State Patrol responded to a car vs Amish buggy crash with ejection on Highway 128 near US 12. A Gray 2014 Honda was North bound on Highway 128 and struck the horse drawn buggy from behind. All subjects from the buggy were located, the ejected subject was unconscious. A Life Link helicopter was requested to transport the subject who had been ejected. The ejected subject was transported by Life Link helicopter to Regions Hospital. Two other buggy occupants were transported by Baldwin Ambulance to Regions Hospital. The driver of the Honda Pilot showed no signs of impairment. A voluntary blood draw was completed at the Baldwin Hospital. The driver of the Honda was a 33 year old female from Glenwood City. The driver of the Horse drawn buggy was a 19 year old male from Wilson. The passengers were an 18 year old male from Wilson with Life Threatening injuries. The other passenger was a 17 year old female from Wilson. The crash remains under investigation by the Wisconsin State Patrol and the St. Croix Sheriff’s Department.

(UPDATE) — The Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office said a woman and a 17-year-old girl weren’t hurt after their canoe capsized in Lake Wissota Sunday afternoon.

In a press release, Sheriff Jim Kowalczyk said pair was canoeing in Lake Wissota near the shores of Lake Wissota State Park. He said their boat capsized due to strong winds and wave activity on the lake.

Officials with the Sheriff’s Office, the Wisconsin DNR, the Chippewa Fire District and their dive team and Anson first responders were called to the scene at about 4:30 p.m. The Chippewa Fire District told News 18 they did launch a boat in the effort, but it wasn’t needed.

One canoeist was able to swim to shore. The other was rescued when authorities threw her a rope and pulled her, and the canoe, to shore. Kowalczyk said both parties were assessed on scene and reported no injuries or need for medical attention. They were both wearing life jackets at the time of the incident.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, in 2015 there were 21 boating related fatalities in the state. Of those fatalities, 19 people were not wearing personal floatation devices. They said wearing a life jacket greatly reduces your chances of becoming a victim of drowning.

Rusk County News


(Washington, DC)  —  Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson is one of four U-S Senate Republicans who oppose a quick vote on the Obamacare replacement bill. Johnson and senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee say they’re “open to negotiation and obtaining more information” before it goes to the floor. But the G-O-P can only have two no votes and still approve the package — so it’s possible it could be delayed beyond the July Fourth recess, despite Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s effort to get a vote before then. Johnson has said the Obamacare markets need to be stabilized first — and on M-S-N-B-C Thursday, Johnson defended key parts of the bill, including the ending of expanded Medicaid benefits that Obamacare provided. Wisconsin’s other senator, Democrat Tammy Baldwin, called the package heartless and said it would make families pay more to get less.

Thursday afternoon at about 3:30, a Rusk County deputy was in contact with a female subject at a residence on 2nd Avenue in Sheldon. According to the report the subject was wanted in Rusk County for a Criminal Misdemeanor case with cash bond of $500 or body. The female subject was taken into custody and transported to the Rusk County jail.

A Rusk County deputy made a traffic stop at about 2:30 this (Friday) morning on Highway 40 near Kramer Road Bruce. A field sobriety was performed on the driver. After an investigation the driver was taken into custody for OWI and transported to the Rusk County jail.

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) — The debate over redistricting in Wisconsin will be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court later this fall, but one group is hoping for legislative changes ahead of an eventual ruling.

The Fair Elections Project is making the push to ask legislators in Madison to construct maps more in tune with non-partisan viewpoints.

“We can change our behavior in our politics in a way that can be fair to all Wisconsin citizens, Sachin Chheda, the director of the Fair Elections Project, said to WEAU 13 News on Thursday. “We’re asking community citizens to tell their legislators, tell the media, write an op-ed, and have your voice be heard.

“The legislature can change the way that it draws the maps. It can make a decision to draw fair maps right now. It can decide to do those things in an open and transparent process – which is the opposite of what they did in 2011, when they used a secret and corrupt process to rig the map.”

The push for redistricting at the state level stems from the plan in 2011 to redraw Wisconsin’s 99 assembly and 33 senate districts. Even before the plan was approved, however, opponents of those new districts filed lawsuits, claiming the changes were made in a partisan nature.

“I’m not so certain that this is always a bad thing. I really don’t. I mean sometimes it is – granted. But I’m not so sure, in general,” Conlin said to WEAU 13 News on Thursday. “If they don’t govern well, they are going to be booted out of office. There is much more likely chance of them being booted out of office right now then if they did then it by random chance.”


The Barron County Sheriff’s Department along with the Rice Lake Friends of the Library and
Mosaic Telecom team up to put books in the hands of kids.
The Barron County Sheriff’s Department will now carry a backpack full of books in each of its
squad cars to hand out at calls such as domestic abuse, drug related cases and any case of
violence where children are present.
In domestic violence and drug related situations, these individuals are concerned about where
they are going to stay and other basic living needs for them and their families. If we can
provide the child with a book to help and if they can take five minutes to read it together, it with
benefit everyone.
This is all in an attempt to reduce the trauma that our kids are feeling and seeing and try to
take some stress off the parent or caregiver of the child. Many times our deputies are on
scene at these incidents for long periods of time and this will also give us the opportunity to
read to the kids ourselves – enhancing their perception of law enforcement.
If law enforcement can lend a hand in the development of our children to make them more
successful and put a smile on their face at the same time, we are all in.
Special thanks to the Friends of the Rice Lake Library and Mosaic Telecom for partnering with
us on this program.

Rusk County News


(Madison, WI)  —  Majority Republicans in the state Assembly pulled a surprise overnight, and passed a bill to help those with preexisting health conditions. The vote was 65-32 at 1:15 this (Thursday) morning to pass a substitute to a Democratic bill on lifetime insurance limits, designed to reduce uncertainty as Obamacare disappears. The new bill, drafted by G-O-P representatives Joe Sanfelippo and Kevin Peterson, would bar insurers from denying claims from those with preexisting conditions like diabetes — and it would make state Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel draft a plan to help those people buy and keep coverage. Democrats opposed the change, as Eau Claire Representative Dana Wachs called it a “bait and switch.” Except for the budget, the late night Assembly meeting was the last until this fall — and it dealt with several issues like protecting conservative speech on U-W campuses and tightening the process for election recounts.


Wednesday afternoon at 12:45, Rusk County dispatch received multiple 911 calls reporting a 1 vehicle rollover on Highway 8, Weyerhaeuser. Rusk County deputies, the Weyerhaeuser Fire Department, Lakeview Medical Center EMS and also Lifelink helicopter was launched to respond to the scene. According to the police log, a Rusk County deputy advised that a subject was detained and was transported to the LEC to do field sobriety. The subject was taken into custody for OWI. No other information was available.

Home sales rose by a modest margin in May, but tight inventories kept upward pressure on median prices, according to the most recent analysis of the existing housing market by the Wisconsin Realtors Association. May home sales were up 1.3% relative to that same month last year, and median prices rose 5.8% over that same period to $174,500. Despite a solid first-quarter for sales this year, weakness during April and only slight growth in May have kept year-to-date home sales, and to be within a half percent of that pace puts 2017 as the second strongest start to the year since the WRA recalibrated its data collection methods in 2005. In Rusk County, the Median Price for May was $125,000 compared to $93,000 in May of last year which is up 34%. Home sales in Rusk County in May was 19 compared to 13 in May of last year which is up 46%. Year to date in the median price for Rusk County, it was $118,500 compared to $93,500 last year which is up26%. Year to date sales is 69 compared to 59 last year which is up 16%. As we enter the peak sales season, we had hoped to see inventories improve, but relative to this time last year, new listings are down slightly, and that continues to drive prices higher.

LADYSMITH, Wis. (WEAU) — In the 1920’s a gallon of milk cost about $.60, steak was $.40 per pound and you could buy a 1924 Chevrolet for $530.00. Safe to say, life has changed significantly over the past ninety years, but it’s fun to look back.  Over the past year, Rusk County has been working tirelessly to let people relive the 1920’s by simply walking through a door.  The historical society was able to acquire a house built in the popular decade and then decorated it by shopping through their own museum.  From early radios, telephones and record players, to the newest stove and ice cream maker, the 1920’s house in Ladysmith has it all. The new addition has drawn in several visitors this year, and it’s popularity will likely increase as people look to take a trip back through time.

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)– Four people are arrested in several cell phone store burglaries around the area.

Davy Cole, Darren Walker, Kenwick Walker and Nicholas Stoneburg, all of Eau Claire, are all charged in Eau Claire County in connection to five burglaries in Eau Claire involving the Verizon Wireless store, Sprint PCS and Smart Choice Mobile.

Eau Claire Police say similar burglaries also happened in Lake Hallie, Menomonie and Hudson, and they believe those were done by the same group of people.

Police have been investigating the burglaries over the past two months. They believe some juveniles may have also helped with the burglaries.

Several cell phones were stolen from the stores, with an estimated value of more than $30,000.

Police say Cole is also believed to be involved in the robbery of a Domino’s Pizza that happened April 7th in Eau Claire. Derrick Rapley and Anthony Plumley were arrested in that case.

Eau Claire Police say the burglary investigations are active and ongoing. Detectives are continuing to collaborate with investigators from Lake Hallie, Menomonie and Hudson.

(Madison, WI)  —  For the first time, a public court proceeding is shedding at least some light today (Thursday) on the alleged abuses of juvenile offenders at Lincoln Hills. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of the teenage inmates — and it seeks to end the use of pepper spray and solitary confinement at the Lincoln Hills’ boys facility and a similar one for girls, both at Irma in Lincoln County. U-S District Judge James Peterson of Madison could decide today (Thursday) whether to stop the pepper spraying and other actions while he considers the merits of the lawsuit. This (Thursday) morning, Petersen turned down a request by the state and the A-C-L-U to remove spectators when videos of the alleged abuse are shown. Peterson decided to make spectators sign pledges that they won’t disclose names or other details of the inmates shown.

Rusk County News


(Madison, WI)  —  Expect the midnight oil to burn at the State Capitol, as the Wisconsin Assembly acts on a number of major bills before it turns its full attention to the new state budget. Among other things, the bills try to let conservatives speak their peace on U-W campuses without major disruptions — limit those who can seek recounts after losing elections — and make it easier for prosecutors to go after those selling more potent fentanyl (fen’ten el). The bill would more clearly define fentanyl analogs which are up to 100 times stronger than morphine, and can kill users when its secretly slipped into other opioid painkillers and heroin. In Milwaukee County alone, 42 people have been reported dead from overdoses as the result of exposure fentanyl or its souped up analogs. The Assembly session is scheduled to begin at one this (Wednesday) afternoon.


(WQOW) Thousands of dollars were raised during a fundraiser to help authorities in Rusk County gear up for emergencies. In a press release, the Barron and Rusk County Sheriff’s Offices raised nearly $40,000 during a weekend fundraiser to help Rusk County deputies purchase tactical equipment and get advanced, specialized training. They said members of Rusk County Sheriff’s Office will join the Barron County Sheriff’s Department Emergency Response Team. Officials said the joint effort will allow both law enforcement agencies in providing additional support and safety to the communities they serve.

At about 3:40 PM Tuesday afternoon, Rusk County dispatch received a 911 call advising of a two car accident with injury on West 9th Street North, Ladysmith near Gordy’s County Market. According to the Police log, Ladysmith Police, Rusk County deputy, Ladysmith ambulance and the Ladysmith Fire Department along with the Wisconsin State Patrol responded to the scene. A subject was transported by ambulance to RCMH with unknown injuries. No other information was available.

Ladysmith Police late Tuesday morning, received a theft complaint. An 81 year old female reported to City Police that sometime between June 10th to June 18th, someone stole a number of pills of her prescribed Oxycodone from a residence on Center Avenue East, Ladysmith. The case is under investigation.

On Sunday June 18th at 6:43 AM, Sawyer County Deputies, assisted by Sawyer County EMT’s and a Sawyer County Paramedic responded to Tag Alder Road near the Tag Alder Creek Bridge in the Town of Lenroot, after the Sawyer County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received a call of a male lying face down in the roadway. After Deputies’ and EMS personnel’s arrival the male was found to be deceased at the scene. The deceased male has been identified as Ryan A. Gedhart, age 21, of Hayward. This incident remains under investigation; no additional information is available at this time.

A Ladysmith resident, Melissa Rudack received an award in Washington, D.C. On June 15th for her work with National Head Start Association’s home visiting program. Evidence-based home visiting services match parents of young children up with coaches who help them glean the skills they need to put their kids on the path to success. Home visiting has been rigorously studied and found to improve health, education and family self-sufficiency outcomes. Along with other home visitors and parents, these women came to Washington to learn advocacy skills and to put those skills to use in visits with legislators, who were asked to extend and expand support for the Maternal. Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting program.

Rusk County News


(Madison, WI)  —  Assembly and Senate leaders plan to meet with state budget analysts today (Tuesday) to discuss issues in finalizing the next two year package. WisPolitics Dot Com says Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald will meet with officials from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau — but a spokeswoman for Fitzgerald could not say which of the remaining issues will be addressed. Reports say the proposed increase in state aid to public schools is one topic to be discussed, after Assembly Republicans recently proposed a plan that includes a 150-dollar increase in state aid per student this fall and 200-dollars the following year. The fiscal bureau has said the total Assembly package would raise property taxes by 92-million dollars for the year starting in the summer of 2018.

Monday afternoon a male subject reported to the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office a theft of credit cards, money and medications. According to the report, the complainant reported that they had a house guest staying with them at a location on North 2nd Street, Bruce. When the female subject left, they found several items that belonged to them in the bedroom where the guest had stayed. The subjects do not know yet if there was anything removed from the house. The case is under investigation.

Just before 6 PM Monday, a warrant was served at a location on Lake Avenue West, Ladysmith. The subject was wanted out of Barron County for child support. The subject was transported by a Rusk County deputy to the Barron County line.

Monday morning at 10:45 a female subject reported a possible theft to Ladysmith Police. The complainant reported leaving jewelry behind in the hotel room at the Americinn Lodge and Suites in Ladysmith. The case is under investigation.

(Madison, WI)  —  For the second time in 2017, Wisconsin’s milk production has dropped compared to the same month the previous year. The U-S-D-A says state farmers made seven-tenths-of-one-percent less milk in May than 12 months earlier, producing two-billion-622-million pounds. The output per cow also dropped by 15 pounds to two-thousand-50, with about the same numbers of animals as last May at nearly one-point-three million. In February, Wisconsin ended 33 straight months of year to year increases in milk production — but that decline was due to the fact 2016 was a Leap Year, with 29 days in February compared to one fewer production day this time around. Wisconsin remains the nation’s second largest milk producer, well behind first place California and well ahead of third place New York.

Rusk County News

WLDY-WJBL NEWS                               6/19/2017

The Ladysmith Police Department received a call Saturday afternoon regarding a vehicle traveling in the wrong lane. According to the call, the vehicle was traveling south bound on Highway 27 entering the city of Ladysmith. After the vehicle was located, a traffic stop was conducted. The driver was ID’D as Miller and was arrested for an OWI.

A disorderly conduct complaint was made Saturday afternoon at a residence in Ladysmith. According to the report, the resident of the home stated that he confronted Jordan, the female that was staying there, to let her know that she was not welcome. When police arrived they found that Jordan had an active probation warrant. Jordan was handcuffed and searched before being transported to the Rusk County Jail.

Early Sunday morning at approximately 1:00am, a Ladysmith police officer observed Roby driving at the intersection of Highway 27 and Highway 8. From prior contact with Roby, police knew that she had a suspended driver’s license. A traffic stop was conducted in the parking lot of Kwik Trip. Upon further observation, police observed 3 individuals in the rear cargo area of the vehicle, none of who were wearing seat-belts. After a record check, Keppers was arrested on a warrant out of Brown County. Roby, Little, and Whalen all received citations.

Ladysmith Police were dispatched to a one vehicle rollover just south of Doughty Road on Sunday morning at about 1:30am. Once on scene, police met with the driver of the vehicle, who at the time was standing outside of the rolled over vehicle. The driver, Mousel, was transported to RCMH with non-threatening injuries. No further report at this time.

The Rusk County Board of Supervisors and Marshfield Clinic Health System are entering into exclusive negotiations for the sale of Rusk County Memorial Hospital. The decision follows several months of in depth study and discussion regarding future opportunities to grow and sustain a viable critical access hospital and essential healthcare services locally. As a result of this action, Rusk County, Rusk County Memorial Hospital, and Marshfield Clinic leaders will begin negotiations to complete a letter of intent. No other information will be released at this time.

Parades, car shows, and live music were all part of the Cornell Community Fair, which wrapped up its third day Sunday. Community members who attended the fair were treated to dozens of activities throughout the weekend. From chalk drawing contests to tractor pulls, event organizers say the event draws crowds from all across western Wisconsin. Each year the American Legion as well as the Cornell Lions Club work to bring in activities the whole family will enjoy. “It’s an annual affair. We try to bring people in, community people and former residents back in, and grab a few tourists if you can. It’s a wonderful park here. It’s right on the Chippewa River. We’ve had a good turnout today. It was a little sparse yesterday in between the rain drops, but there’s nothing you can do about the weather,” said Cornell Lions Club President Pat Denison. The Cornell Community Fair has been going on for just more than three decades.





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